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Patriot Heads to the UK for a London Stock Exchange Listing

Patriot Hydrogen Limited (“Patriot” or the “Company”), a climate-tech waste-to-energy project developer, has signed a term sheet with a leading merchant bank, Cronin Capital and its affiliates (“Cronin”), to execute a direct listing on the London Stock Exchange in 2024.
As per the agreement, Cronin will raise pre-listing funding for Patriot to expedite Patriot’s foundation projects in Q4 of 2023 and lead the go-public financing and listing process in H1 2024. Following the listing, Cronin will remain mandated as Patriot’s advisor to support its continued growth in the public markets.
Patriot believes the deal will provide it with the early-stage capital needed to commission its first two waste-to-energy plants in the UK, followed by Australia in 2024, as well as provide critical project financing for the development of its extensive project pipeline across strategic jurisdictions, including Africa, to address local waste problems and convert them into valuable resources such as renewable energy, hydrogen and biochar.
Patriot’s CEO and Co-Founder, Glenn Davies, commented, “In an era where the global community is striving to achieve net-zero emissions targets, Patriot’s solutions-oriented approach is a frontrunner in the quest for decarbonisation across industries. We believe our industry-leading approach for pyrolysis, developed with a focus on low capital intensiveness, is an attractive proposition to the market participants with a need to enhance their processes of waste disposal and energy development. It is also evident to us that there is a monumental shift in the thoroughness of capital markets, as investors are looking for companies that will lead the energy transition with real impact.”
Patriot believes its highly customised energy solutions and experienced management team give it a competitive advantage in the climate tech industry and broader capital markets. By utilising a sophisticated pyrolysis process, Patriot can generate multiple high-value revenue streams. These can include renewable electricity generation, biodiesel and ethanol, biochar, & carbon credits, as well as future fuels such as green hydrogen, bio-methanol, or green ammonia.
The Company has completed significant milestones in 2023 to advance the first two projects in the UK and Australia with local teams, engineering & EPC contractors, land, feedstock, and offtake partners secured. With the pre-IPO capital being injected into the Company, it plans to fast-track the project team to finalise all components and move the projects to shovel-ready status.
Please contact the company if you would like more information or to discuss getting involved in this exciting venture.


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