What is Biochar?

Biochar is a by-product of our process for making hydrogen, pyrolysis. Meaning Patriot Hydrogen’s  biomass to energy system also functions as a net-zero carbon  biochar plant.

The charcoal-like material is the remnants of the biomass we slowly heat in an atmosphere without oxygen. Biochar is trapped carbon that would otherwise find its way back into the atmosphere. Considering it can be repurposed for use in a wide range of industries, biochar is one of the most sustainable ways to dispose of carbon.


When used as a feed additive, biochar increases the overall health and yield of livestock while also reducing the need for antibiotics. When added to a standard cement mix, it can also enhance the overall strength by 20%.

Biochar can be mixed in fertilisers, spread across topsoil, or buried under fields to boost overall soil productivity. This will decrease the amount of synthetic fertiliser needed for crops, reducing harmful chemical runoffs into the environment.

Biochar is a zero-carbon  method for turning the waste from producing hydrogen power  into profit. It has proven market demand across various industries — livestock (feed), agriculture (fertiliser), construction (cement) and even as fuel for your barbeque — and is sold for upwards of $1,880 per tonne.

Global Biochar Market

The global biochar market size is estimated to grow at an average CAGR of 13.2% to reach US$3.1b by 2025. Demand in the Asia Pacific region is forecasted to rise substantially, as an application for the product has been found in livestock feed and organic farming.

Breakthroughs in pyrolysis technology to produce hydrogen are driving market growth, accounting for 63.4% of total revenue.

The biochar market is expected to cross the valuation of US$6.3b by 2031. This can be attributed to global organisations like the United Nations viewing it as an effective strategy for reducing

environmental pollution worldwide.

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