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Who We Are

Patriot Hydrogen Ltd is a globally oriented company dedicated to advancing the worldwide energy transition. Our mission revolves around the design and deployment of waste-to-energy facilities, which play a pivotal role in breaking the chains of fossil fuel dependency and ushering in an era of clean, green, and renewable fuels, as well as zero-carbon power.

What sets Patriot apart is our dynamic team, armed with an extensive reservoir of technical expertise and project delivery acumen. Every Patriot project is meticulously planned with the utmost precision to maximise outcomes, effectively reducing carbon footprints, and ensuring long-term sustainability for our valued customers.

As a founder-owned and operated climate tech company, we are at the forefront of revolutionising the energy landscape. Our cutting-edge technology paves the way to produce clean power, making it a viable and compelling option for businesses across the world.

At the heart of our innovation lies a sophisticated pyrolysis process to generate multiple high-value revenue streams. These can include renewable electricity generation, biodiesel, biochar, & carbon credits, as well as future fuels such as green hydrogen, methanol, or ammonia.

In an era where the global community is striving to achieve net-zero emissions targets, Patriot’s solutions-oriented approach is hailed as a beacon of hope and a frontrunner in the quest for decarbonisation across industries. Our commitment to sustainable solutions aligns seamlessly with the world’s aspirations for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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