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Our Mission

Patriot Hydrogen  is disrupting the energy industry and empowering Aussie businesses through clean power. As the world turns to green energy, we are using state-of-the-art technology to help homegrown companies transition to a sustainable energy strategy while cutting costs along the way. We are doing this by making green hydrogen production a mobile, efficient, and accessible source of power.

Sooner or later, we will all be operating on a net-zero emissions  model, so why not get ahead of your competitors and make the move to hydrogen renewable energy  today?

Our Technology

The Patriot Units turns waste into revenue and energy through hydrogen pyrolysis. Our industry-leading technology takes biowaste, wood chips and food scraps, to create five high-value revenue streams — syngas (dense hydrogen) for fuel or generating electricity into the grid,  biochar, carbon credits and wood vinegar for fertiliser. 

The portability of Patriot Units will revolutionise the industry by making hydrogen production possible in remote locations, allowing companies to establish a network of green hydrogen plants across Australia at sites previously inaccessible. Before the emergence of Patriot Units, this required the construction of multi-billion-dollar facilities.

This opens up endless business opportunities in both domestic and international markets while being a 100% emissions-free source of power. In addition, your wastes create biochar production — another lucrative product.

Hydrogen Technology

Benefits of Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen renewable energy
Made from biowaste, renewable hydrogen is emerging as the primary solution for countries and companies worldwide committing to net-zero emissions targets.
renewable energy source

A cheap, clean source of fuel that can be used to make electricity, store energy, power cars, trucks, boats and aircrafts.

hydrogen energy
Most abundant energy source in the universe that every country in the world can produce and is estimated to grow into a global industry worth US$201 billion by 2025

Benefits of Biochar

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