What is Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a natural gas and clean alternative to methane contributing to 75% of all mass within the universe — making it one of the most plentiful resources in the galaxy. This amazing energy source is present in every molecule of every living thing; water, animals, plants, and even humans.

Green Hydrogen Production: The Fuel of the Future

Hydrogen renewable energy  is emerging as the primary solution for countries and companies worldwide committing to net-zero emissions  targets. Often described as the fuel of the future, our technology allows you to produce green hydrogen  by slowly heating biowaste in an environment without oxygen. This 100% renewable and emission-free process is called pyrolysis.

Benefits Of Green Hydrogen

  • Most abundant energy source in the universe that every country in the world can produce — meaning there is potentially an unlimited supply. A cheap, clean source of fuel that can be used to make electricity, store energy, power cars, trucks and aircraft.
  • No carbon emissions, just water vapour, while holding three times the energy of crude oil. Being zero-emissions significantly aids in the decarbonisation of the energy industry.
  • Helps reduce waste from existing renewable sources by transforming excess into hydrogen that can be stored for usage further down the track.

Types Of Hydrogen

The gas can be separated on the emission spectrum of hydrogen. This means it can be either carbon-based or emissions-free.

Emission Generating Hydrogen


Grey hydrogen  is created by burning finite supplies of natural gas, emitting damaging carbon emissions into the ozone layer.


Brown hydrogen  is made by burning coal, discharging harmful carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Zero Emission Hydrogen


Green hydrogen i s formed through a method known as pyrolysis. This process releases no greenhouse gases into the air and uses renewable energy sources.


Blue hydrogen  is produced by heating natural gases, with all emissions being captured and safely stored.

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