Kimberley Clean Energy

Over the past hundred years, the Western Australian Kimberley region has observed a worrying transformation in its landscape that has had devastating effects.

Research has shown the Kimberley was once known for its vast grasslands over 120 years ago. However, this is no longer the case today due to the domination of native Acacia Tumida and Acacia Eriopoda, which is also the cause of destructive bushfires.

To combat the region’s challenges, Kimberley Clean Energy has partnered with Patriot Hydrogen.

The agreement will see Patriot provide energy solutions that will enable a large-scale rehabilitation plan to restore its natural grasslands, create renewable power and aid economic development throughout the Kimberly.

Specifically, Patriot Hydrogen will provide energy capabilities that take the Acacia and use it as feedstock to produce green hydrogen.

The first-ever Patriot unit is currently on track to be delivered to Kimberley Clean Energy’s Kilto Station project near Broome, Western Australia, by mid-2022. Initially, the modular hydrogen production unit will form part of Kimberley Clean Energy’s fossil fuel substitution strategy, with plans to add a hydrogen system in the next stage.

This blog series will seek to give you behind the scenes access to our journey to helping the Kimberly protect their beautiful natural land, reduce fossil fuel usage and remove the risk of bushfires by turning the Acacia into green hydrogen.

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