Patriot Hydrogen eyeing biochar revenue boost potential

This will see Prominence enter the renewables market for the first time, after a capital raising of A$3 million— funds of which a majority will go towards the aforementioned US project.
Patriot Hydrogen’s P2H units are small and transportable, which the company intends to market as a premium advantage over existing hydrogen technologies, which require interlinkage with existing large-scale infrastructure.
Alongside its development and sales of the P2H units, Patriot will also establish a biomass-to-hydrogen plant in Port Anthony, Victoria.
Patriot is enthused to be proponents within the Australian biochar industry, which the company believes will be a ‘megatrend.’
“The units produce one tonne per day of green hydrogen and up to four tonnes per day of biochar per unit … [the] P2H units are economically viable for businesses to enter the hydrogen and biochar production,” the company said.
“Patriot… will produce liquid hydrogen for export and domestic markets and to fuel large vehicles, buses, boats, trains and cars, as well as biochar to supply domestic markets.”
Biomass feedstocks for the P2H units can be diverse, but sawmills are of particular interest, where forestry products are labelled as ‘renewable feedstock’.
Sweetman Renewables Limited recently purchased a P2H unit for A$2.9M following their recent acquisition of a sawmill on the Australian east coast.
Sawmill waste, post-processing through a P2H unit, can effectively be marketed as Biochar, for which the global market is predicted to reach US$3.1B by 2025 under current CAGR forecasts.
The company’s other division, Sweetman Biomass has won a lucrative long-term contract to supply Verdant Earth Technologies’ A$550 million 151-MW biomass power station, in the Hunter Valley.
Source: This article has originally published on Energy News Bulliten.


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