Hydrogen Uses

How We Can Use Hydrogen To Change The World

Hydrogen is viewed as the fuel of the future because it is one of the most abundant resources on earth and can be used in a variety of ways across multiple industries. So, what are the uses of hydrogen? See the answer below.

Revolutionising The Electric Vehicle Market

  • Hydrogen fuel cells power electric vehicles, meaning everything from hatchbacks to trucks can now be run with zero fossil fuels making them entirely carbon neutral. By working on the same chemical reaction that powers rockets, they go for twice the mileage of battery-operated electric vehicles.
  • Electric batteries can be used for individual cars but are too big for industrial vehicles and aircrafts — this is not the case when hydrogen is involved. Together we can establish a comprehensive network of refuelling stations across Australia that will accelerate the conversion to clean hydrogen-powered industrial vehicles.
  • Hyzon Motors alone estimates they will have 100,000 hydrogen-powered trucks on the road by 2030, while as of 2019, the United States already had 30,000 fuel cell forklifts in operation. With major players already invest, we can expect to fuel cells become one of the common uses of hydrogen. 

Supporting Traditional Renewables

  • Solar and wind are two considerable-sized renewable energy resources. However, they are driven by weather cycles and must be ‘firmed’ to deliver power consistently. Storing hydrogen-generated electricity provides stability needed for these power grids to function at a reliable level.
  • Green hydrogen supports these traditional renewable energy sources by generating electricity when needed for seasonal storage, demand response and any other requirement.
  • The Australian Commonwealth Government believes hydrogen power systems are already financially competitive with diesel-solar hybrid and solar-battery systems. Using South Australia as a case study, KPMG estimates this technology will lower electricity prices to $27 per MWh by 2050.

Ending Our Reliance On Diesel

  • Hydrogen will transform remote area power systems into state-of-the-art renewable energy hubs. This will help to produce reliable power for towns currently dependent on aging diesel fuel systems.
  • Diesel makes up 41% of the Australian mining sector’s transport and power generation. If cost reductions can be realised, along with the convenience of refuelling hydrogen run
    vehicles, this technology can replace diesel in these regions — driving significant early market demand.
  • For these reasons, hydrogen is considered the new diesel, which is why the Australian Commonwealth Government predicts it will commercially challenge this fuel source by 2025.

Decarbonising An Industry

  • The use of green hydrogen replaces fossil fuels, which will significantly reduce the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Even clean diesel emits plenty of  emissions while hydrogen produces none.
  • We can use the technology to contribute to the decarbonisation of the energy industry, helping to fuel wind and solar power sources.This is one of the only solutions for stabilising our climate and reducing greenhouse gases.
  • We believe in fostering Australia’s transition from high emission power sources to hydrogen generated energy. As countries and companies worldwide commit to net-zero  emissions targets, pivoting to newer, cleaner energy sources is where the industry must go.

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