Delivery of the first Patriot units to Kimberley Clean Energy is underway

We are excited to announce that the first payment to Renewables Plus has been made for the delivery of the initial Patriot unit to Kimberley Clean Energy at Kilto Station near Broome. 

Project update: 

  • The collection of biomass from waste streams on Kilto Station such as the feed pens, low-grade hay from the irrigation and other sources has commenced, which will be used as feedstock once the unit arrives and is operational.
  • Samples from the collection have been gathered and sent to an independent lab for analysis to better understand how they will perform as feedstock.
  • The construction of the Patriot units has begun and the logistics/shipping is currently being organised.
  • Once the unit arrives mid-way through this year, it will be assembled, tested and commissioned, with production set to begin in the third quarter of 2022.
The delivery of the first Patriot unit to Kimberley Clean Energy is well and truly underway. As it stands, the construction of the Patriot units has begun and the logistics/shipping is currently being organised. Following this progress, we are well placed to see the unit arrive in the Kimberley mid-way through this year.
One of the diesel generators the Patriot units will replace.
Once the unit arrives at Kilto Station, it will be assembled, tested and commissioned, with production expected to begin in the third quarter of 2022. This will be used to create clean energy for Kilto Station’s abattoir, irrigation and homestead complex, cutting their diesel usage by two-thirds
Initially, the modular hydrogen production unit will form part of Kimberley Clean Energy’s fossil fuel substitution strategy for Kilto Station. Once complete, the next stage will see a hydrogen system built across the various sites Kimberley Clean Energy is involved with. 
This will be achieved as we work with Kimberley Clean Energy to fulfil a memorandum of understanding for 75 Patriot units.
The collection of biomass has begun.
The goal is for the 75 units to decarbonise the entire value chain of the projects Kimberley Clean Energy is working on, while also developing baseload renewable power, green hydrogen, and fertiliser to support a cleaner future for the region.
Kimberley Clean Energy will use this system as a proof of concept to seek additional power contracts over the next three to five years in the West Kimberley which they hope will see a transformation to 100% renewable energy.

Background to the Kimberley Clean Energy project

Over the past hundred years, the Western Australian Kimberley region has observed a worrying transformation in its landscape and its effects have been devastating. To combat the region’s challenges, Kimberley Clean Energy has partnered with Patriot Hydrogen.
Overgrown acacia trees.
Kimberley Clean Energy has engaged Patriot to provide energy solutions that will enable a large-scale rehabilitation plan to restore its natural grasslands, create renewable power and aid economic development throughout the region.
Research into West Kimberley has shown that the region was once known for its large and vast grasslands over 120 years ago. This is no longer the case today due to the domination of native Acacia Tumida and Acacia Eriopoda, which is also the cause of destructive bushfires.
Patriot Hydrogen is working with Kimberley Clean Energy to provide the region with an energy solution that will use Acacia to produce green hydrogen.
Overall, Patriot Hydrogen’s goal is to partner with Kimberly Clean Energy to help protect their beautiful natural land, reduce fossil fuel usage and remove the risk of bushfires by turning the Acacia into green hydrogen.
Some of the Kimberley's beautiful farmland.


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