CAC-H2 to support Patriot Hydrogen in developing waste-to-hydrogen plants across Australia

A new agreement revealed today (Nov 3) will see CAC-H2 support Patriot Hydrogen in developing waste-to-hydrogen plants throughout Australia.
Utilising Patriot Hydrogen’s P2H units, waste materials can be converted into a range of eco-friendly energies, including hydrogen, presenting an opportunity to reduce Australia’s carbon footprint through waste management and hydrogen production.
In signing the agreement, Singapore-based CAC-H2 will become the exclusive technical and mechanical advisor and supplier for the Patriot units.
It is expected that these new plants across Australia will support the ever-growing hydrogen ecosystem in the country, helping to support the demand for green hydrogen.
Glenn Davies, CEO of CAC-H2, said, “This is a very important and timely partnership for us. As global leaders prepare for climate talks in Glasgow, there’s a growing urgency to cut down reliance on polluting fossil fuels to limit the worst effects of global warming.
“For that effort to be successful, clean energy will have to grow rapidly to make up the difference. Renewables are the cornerstone of decarbonisation strategies, and Hydrogen & green energy will become major assets in the fight against climate change.”
Arman Massoumi, a director of CAC-H2, said, “Green hydrogen and renewable energy from waste play a key role in realising energy transition. We are absolutely thrilled to be part of this energy decarbonisation program.”
Source: This article has originally appeared on H2 View.


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